Marine Mystery Blog by crime author Pauline Rowson is five years old in November

I was looking back at my blog entries over the weekend and was amazed to see that come this November this blog will be five years old!

The first entry was on 17 November 2006, following the publication in that year of my thriller In Cold Daylight and the first in the DI Andy Horton series Tide Of Death .

In For the Kill my second thriller, was published in 2007 and the second DI Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel, initially entitled Deadly Harbour became Deadly Waters  and was published by Severn House in the UK and the USA in 2008. Since then I am delighted to say that Severn House has published five more in the Horton series with another due out in January 2012, called A Killing Coast. 

And since then I have written 751 blog posts on a variety of subjects connected with my crime novels and my life as an author.

I also have another blog which I began on 3 December 2007 so that will be four years old this year and on that I have posted 663 entries. In addition, my official web site, (which I have had for many years and which has been updated and re-designed over the years to reflect my business) has a blog and lots of information about my books. And since 2006 I have branched out into Facebook, Twitter, the Red Room, Crimespace, Goodreads,  Librarything  and Linkedin to mention but a handful of sites where I have an online presence.

I've seen a lot of changes over the last five years, not only in my career as a crime writer but also on the Internet. I wonder what it will be like in five years time, and what I will be writing! Will DI Andy Horton still be fighting crime on the streets of Portsmouth and crossing the Solent chasing suspects on the  Isle of Wight?  Who knows, let's see.


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