Crime writers are a gruesome lot always looking for new and subtle methods of murder

Us crime writers are a gruesome bunch, we're always looking for new and often subtle ways to kill someone.  I'm frequently asked how I research my crime novels for this sort of information. Well, in addition to talking to the experts I also use an excellent and very handy little book called  "The Crime Writer's Handbook- 65 ways to kill your victim - in print" written by Douglas Wynn.

And I refer to a very excellent blog called The Writers Forensic Blog. On this blog I came across an interesting and highly informative article that actually coincided with the DI Andy Horton Marine Mystery Police Procedural crime novel I am currently writing, number eight in the Horton series, which is how to kill someone by inducing an extreme allergic reaction.

The blog answers the question - Will Ingestion of Bee Venom Kill Someone Who Is Allergic To It? I'll let you read the answer on the Writers Forensic Blog for yourself.  And I'm not going to give away any of the plot in my DI Horton crime novel only to say it does not concern Bee venom. You'll have to wait to read it when it is published.  I'm not sure yet when that will be but meanwhile DI Andy Horton number seven in the series called A Killing Coast will be published by Severn House on 26 January 2012.

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Marc said…
Pauline, thank you for another informative and well written blog. I have been following them for a while and this one has caught my eye and i decided to comment because I am at the moment trying to look for new ways to kill off victims in my novel and this has kicked started my research so thank you very much.
I am very much interested in finding out more about your series and will look out for the DI Andy Horton series. Marc
Pauline Rowson said…
Thanks, Marc. Glad it was of help. Good luck with your research.

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