A question for the expert panel at CSI Portsmouth 2011 from Australia

Before CSI Portsmouth 2011 was held on Saturday 5 November, I compiled some questions for our panel moderator to put to the crime experts, a Forensic Psychologist, a Crime Scene Expert and two detectives from Hampshire Police. One of the questions came from a writer in Australia.  

How close is the liaison between the Australian and British Police on a murder investigation?

This question was put to one of the detectives on the CSI Portsmouth 2011 Panel on Saturday 5 November.


The answer from the detective on the Major Crime Unit in Hampshire Police was that it depends on the seriousness of the case.  If it is murder though, liaison between the British and the Australian police is very close.  If the murder was committed in Britain then someone from the UK police would fly out to Australia to track down the killer and interview him/her with the assistance and  full co-operation of the Australian Police and it works the other way. Interestingly enough the detective had a case recently which involved someone returning to Australia from Portsmouth.  It wasn't murder, not sure what it was, but when the Portsmouth detective phoned the police in the relevant town in Australia he discovered he was talking to a police officer who had moved to Australia from Portsmouth - it's a small world as they say and this Australian officer was able to interview the person, take the statement and e mail it back.

There were some fascinating questions asked of both the crime authors and the crime experts at CSI Portsmouth 2011 and some even more fascinating answers!

If you like crime fiction and/or crime fact then make a diary note for CSI Portsmouth 2012 - Saturday 3 November.


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