Finished writing DI Horton no.8 and chapter one written of the next DI Horton

Having just finished writing the eighth in the DI Horton series, which is now with my editor, there was no time to rest on my laurels but it was straight on with researching the next DI Horton.

I finished DI Horton number eight (I’ll reveal the title soon) on 31 January and since then I’ve been working on the next Horton novel.  I now have a rough plot outline, and I mean rough, it is by no means there by any stretch of the imagination but it was enough for me to begin the creative writing process. I like to start writing as soon as I can because until I put words in the characters mouths and have them moving about, acting and re-acting, the story doesn’t come alive and this in turn begins to further shape the plot. Then I will do further research as the novel progresses.

Chapter one is written and I am half way through writing chapter two. There’s a long way to go yet but I’ve started and that’s the main thing.  And my aim?  To finish this novel by October, or December at the latest, depending on commitments during the year.


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