Translation rights sold to Indonesia to the DVD Successful Selling written and presented by Pauline Rowson

Successful Selling DVDSummersdale Productions has sold translation rights to Indonesia to the DVD Successful Selling, part of the Easy Step by Step Guide series, written and presented by yours truly..

PT.UNGGUL CIPTA PIRANTI of Komplek Agung Sedayu has bought rights to the DVD, and I'll be dubbed in the local language, Bahasa.

Several of my crime novels have been translated into other languages and have been produced as unabridged audio books, and  both my thrillers, In For The Kill and In Cold Daylight have been translated into Indonesian.

Successful Sales by Pauline RowsonBefore becoming a crime writer I was author of several marketing, sales and communications books in the Easy Step by Step Guide series, which was brought by Crimson Publishing in 2008. Crimson have since published three in the series which I revised, Successful Sales, Successful Customer Service and Successful Marketing. 

The original Easy Step By Step Guide series are available as e books on Kindle, at Waterstones, W H Smith and They’re also available as audio books from Audible  published by Summersdale Publishers.

Like the Successful Selling book, the DVD covers how to build better rapport with prospects; how to sell to the right people, how to use a sales structure that works; how to overcome objections; how to read and understand body language and how to close the sale and come away with the business.

Successful Selling DVD was first released in the UK in 2008. Running time is sixty minutes and the DVD retails in the UK at £24.99

A trailer can be found on You Tube  or you can watch it here.

A Killing Coast a DI Horton crime novel by Pauline Rowson A Killing Coast, was recently published by Severn House.It is the seventh in the DI Andy Horton series of marine mystery crime novels set in Portsmouth and the Solent area on the South Coast of England.


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