Just the job for a crime writer - The Great American Manhunt, or British manhunt perhaps, coming to a screen near you

If you like CSI programmes, forensic science, reading crime novels then a new show on the National Geographic Channel called The Great American Manhunt  could be right up your street and I have a feeling we could be seeing something similar on British TV in the near future.

CSI fans will probably love this new twist on the forensic game, an upcoming reality challenge show on National Geographic which will be testing the skills and techniques of CSI in the real world.

The Great American Manhunt sets three real-world experts a weekly challenge: to chase down a living, breathing, mystery target at large, somewhere among the entire population of the country.  A street-wise cop (could be just the job for DI Andy Horton), a forensic scientist and a forensic psychologist access the very latest technology to help identify their quarry. The challenge is to work out just what marks them out from the crowd and – if they’re successful – their true identity. I think a new twist on this could be to include a crime writer, after all we're used to pulling together clues to solve the crime!

Using the clues on and inside the target’s body (including the clothes on their backs) the experts use science and their skills to take on the ultimate forensic challenge following leads and chasing down dead ends as a complex web of clues takes them across 50 States. I feel worn out just thinking about it.

The programme makers claim that "the science is awesome, the chase every bit as challenging as the TV dramas we all love and, as the experts eventually discover, the mysterious targets turn out to be awesome and extraordinary individuals!"

I you like CSI you’ll love The Great American Manhunt – "real world forensics like you’ve never seen before". Yes, I can definitely feel a British version in the making, programme makers and commissioners sit up now. Oh, and if you'd like a crime author as one of the experts let me know, be happy to oblige.


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