Crime Author Pauline Rowson pays tribute to Reginald Hill

I was honoured to be asked to write an article for a website dedicated to a great crime writer, Reginald Hill.

Reginald Hill is without doubt one of my favourite crime writers and a major inspiration behind my own crime writing career.

You can read my tribute to him here and find out more about Reginald Hill and his wonderful crime novels

The delights of re-reading Reginald Hill never diminish

I first discovered Reginald Hill in 1978. I was ill and my husband, home on leave from the armed forces, bought A Clubbable Woman (first published in 1970) to cheer me up.  From that moment on I was hooked not only on Dalziel and Pascoe but on everything Hill wrote. As soon as a new novel was published I’d be there buying it in hardback. Read more

Reginald Charles Hill, born 3 April 1936; died 12 January 2012.


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