Reviews in the States lead to approaches by Film and TV Rights Agency

There was a nice little mention of A Killing Coast in the Library Journal Mystery Previews recently which is published in America.  

A Killing Coast (DI Horton 7) has recently been published in the USA by Severn House and was published in the UK in hardcover in January.

In the States it has been reviewed in Kirkus, Booklist and Publishers Weekly after which I was approached  by a film and TV rights agency in America.

The Horton series has attracted a fair bit of interest from Film, TV and Radio both in Britain and America. Tide of Death the first in the Horton series was shortlisted for BBC Radio 4 dramatisation but didn't make the final cut and I have been in discussions with several television and film producers about turning the thrillers In For The Kill and In Cold Daylight into a film and the Horton series into a television series. 

Producers and directors who have approached me have been attracted by the setting and the hero, the rugged and flawed DI Horton who lives alone on a small yacht, rides a Harley and often finds himself on the outside during an investigation and generally in life. One day it might happen, and it's nice to see that interest in the series continues.  What is most satisfying is knowing that more people are reading and enjoying my crime novels and I hope they continue to do so.

Death Lies Beneath, the eighth in the series is published by Severn House  in hardcover in the UK in July and in the States in November and I'm currently writing the ninth in the series.



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