Pauline Rowson on writing a crime novel or short story

There are many different types of crime novels and crime short stories ranging from gritty gruesome, cosy comfortable to cops, robbers and gangsters, racy, action-packed thrillers, historical or contemporary crime novels, detective or private eye and many more variations in between.

Then there is the setting: the city, the sea, countryside,mountains, home or abroad. So there is plenty of scope to work with and the type of crime novel or short story you decide to write is often linked to the type of crime novel you like to read.

I never set out to write what have been termed in the USA 'police procedurals' but there are now eight published in the DI Andy Horton series and the ninth with my publisher.  I'm working on number ten.  I've also written two stand alone thrillers and a murder mystery play.

My crime novels have contemporary settings but that's not to say that I won't write a crime novel set in the 1930s, 40s, 50s or 60s. Or that I won't write a series featuring a private eye. I certainly plan to write
more thrillers.My novels are set around the sea, primarily the Solent area where I live. 

So to read some pointers to help you get started visit my official website on the link below:
Pauline Rowson: How to write a crime novel or crime short story:


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