Hants Police Marine Unit get new high speed boats, which means DI Horton will get to travel on them

Hampshire Police has invested in a £1.5m fleet of police boats to protect Hampshire’s coastline. They've splashed out on a 39ft (12m) catamaran, Commander, patrol launch Preventer and two Rigid Inflatable Boats (Ribs), Pursuer and Protector.

Sergeant Tony Birr from the real Marine Unit and not the fictional one in the DI Horton crime novels, said: ‘Our new boats will give us an up-to-date, fit-for-purpose fleet which will serve us well in helping to keep the waters around Hampshire safe for many years to come and we’re proud to be officially launching the fleet.’

The Solent area and Hampshire Coastline is one of the busiest stretches of water in Europe for cruise ship movement and leisure craft and it's where my crime novels are based. The new craft equipped with a state of the art marine capability will contribute significantly to the prevention of crime and deter acts of terrorism.

The Police say that the existing vessels – three Mitchell 31 launches – are being decommissioned and sold. Cash raised from their sale will offset some of the funding used to buy the new vessels.

I'm going to have to change the Horton novels where DI Horton often travels on the police launch with Sergeant Elkins and PC Ripley.  This is what he might well dash across the Solent on now.


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