Pauline Rowson's Ten Rules For Writing

The Guardian recently ran an article asking writers for their ten rules for writing, so I thought I would pen mine on my official website.  Just to whet your appetite here are the first two:.

1. Always have a pencil and paper with you, in every handbag, shopping bag, pocket, and of course beside your bed. You never know when that wonderful idea might strike. A Dictaphone might also be useful.  Gone
are the days when you got funny looks for talking into a machine or even talking to yourself walking down the road. Everybody’s at it now.

2. Travel by public transport as often as you can.  If you’ve got a bus pass so much the better, you can stay on it all day for free and save on heating bills at home.  You see and meet some great characters for novels.

Read the rest of the Top Ten Rules for Writing on my website.
Pauline Rowson's Ten Rules For Writing:


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