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I dropped some posters and flyers off at Southsea Fire Station yesterday for the CSI Portsmouth event on 3 November.  The Hampshire Police Fire Investigations Officer DC Terry Fitzjohn and Watch Manager Andy Earl of the Arson Task Force will be appearing at CSI Portsmouth on the morning panel along with Crime Scene Manager Carolyn Lovell from Hampshire Police and crime authors, Matt Hilton and Stephen Booth and myself. It was great to meet up again with some of my husband's former colleagues from Red Watch at the fire station, what a lovely bunch of men doing a fantastic job.

One of my early thrillers, In Cold Daylight, is dedicated to fire fighters and in particular Red Watch at Southsea Fire Station, Portsmouth (England). The inspiration for it came from a conversation I overheard while at the fire station one day when the watch were talking about the high number of their colleagues on one watch who had contracted cancer and some had sadly died. This gave me the idea of a story about a cover up over their deaths.  

In Cold Daylight  was voted third in an online poll as the most popular novel for World Book Day 2008    

Fire fighter Jack Bartholomew dies whilst trying to put out a fire in a derelict building. Was it an accident or arson? Marine Artist Adam Greene doesn't know, only that he has lost his closest friend. He attends the funeral ready to mourn when another funeral intrudes upon his thoughts, and one he has tried very hard to forget for the last fifteen years. But before he has time to digest this, or discover the identity of the stranger stalking him, Jack's house is ransacked. Unaware of the risks he is running Adam soon finds himself caught up in a mysterious and dangerous web of deceit. By exposing a secret that has lain dormant for years Adam is forced to face his own dark secrets, and as the facts reveal themselves the prospects for his survival look bleak. But Adam knows there is no turning back; he has to get to the truth no matter what the cost, even if it means his life.

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CSI Portsmouth 2012 where crime fiction meets crime fact

Saturday 3 November 2012 Portsmouth, England

Meet and mingle with top selling crime authors and police and forensic crime experts; hear how the authors write their popular crime novels, find out how much they draw on real life experiences and experts, learn about what really happens at a crime scene, how a fire investigation is worked, hear about cyber crime and internet stalking, see how the fingerprint bureau works, have your fingerprints taken, and much, much more. 


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