Maggot DNA Identifies Corpse

I read this interesting little article on the Writers Forensics Blog.

Its timing was quite appropriate because I have a body discovered in a fire in the DI Andy Horton novel I am currently writing, the tenth in the Horton series. The article says:

"Corpse identification is as much art as science. Sometimes no ID is possible and at other times creativity is required. In a recent case, where a badly charred body could not be identified due to the damage, DNA was extracted from the GI tracks of the fly maggots that had populated the corpse. Using the STR technique, DNA from the maggots was compared with DNA from the suspected victim’s father and a paternity-type match was made, proving the ID of the corpse to an accuracy of 99.685% according to the authors of the study. This is the first time this technique has been used in this manner."

Interesting stuff.  And if you're not squeamish and want to se e what the maggots look like visit:
Maggot DNA Identifies Corpse


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