A new instant DNA Analyzer could speed up police investigations

In TV crime programmes and in crime novels the results of a DNA test often come back in the blink of an eye.  This is not the case in real life. Often it can take a couple of days, sometimes longer depending on resources but now I've just had news that NEC are working on a new suitcase sized DNA analyzer, which it says will be able to process samples at the scene of a crime or disaster in as little as 25 minutes. (That will speed up my crime novels!!)

The company says it aims to launch the device globally in 2014, and sell it for around 10 million yen, or US$120,000. That's a lot of money. Not sure cash strapped UK will be able to afford it, or maybe one will serve the whole of the country?

NEC say that it will output samples that can be quickly matched via the growing number of DNA databases worldwide.

If I were writing a futuristic crime novel I'd definitely have to bring this in but for now I think DI Horton and his colleagues needn't bother too much about getting instant results.

Read more about the new suit-case-sized DNA analyzer


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