Location research for DI Andy Horton Number Ten

I've been on location research a couple of times over the last week for the DI Andy Horton mystery crime novel I am currently writing, number ten in the series.  This is set in Portsmouth like the others in the series. I won't say what it is about yet but it is set partly at a place called Hilsea Lines on the northern fringes of Portsmouth and which is sometimes known as Foxes Forest and for those of us who used to play there as kids long before it became so industrialised and built up, Hilsea Ramparts. Here are some pictures my husband took while I walked the area looking for a good place to put a body!!!  It provided me with lots of inspiration.

This looks like a good spot

Even better - It didn't really smell - I was just blowing my nose


Port Creek and the Moat, Hilsea, Portsmouth - ideal for DI Horton Mystery


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