Beware Crime Author on Location Research

Last week on rather a grey, chilly January day I went on location research for the DI Andy Horton Marine Mystery crime novel I am currently writing, number ten in the series.

I have finished the first drafts and am now working on the revisions and although I know the area where I have set this novel I wanted to visit it and check out a few things.

I've already written about one of the areas where DI Horton (10) is set and that is Hilsea Lines in Portsmouth. In addition this novel is set around Haslar Marina, Gosport and my very grateful thanks to the marina manager and staff at Haslar Marina for letting me roam about the pontoons and bombard them with questions.

I am hoping to finish DI Horton (10) by the end of February then it will be on with the next one.

Perfect for a body - Hilsea Lines
DI Horton can sail into Haslar Marina with the police marine unit

Yep, and he can leave on foot and return to his Harley in the car park

His investigations could take him here
And here....

And if you're wondering where the last two pictures were taken then I'll tell you.  It is Fort Gilkicker in Gosport.


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