Murder in the Library - A treat for crime fiction fans

Now this looks an interesting event for crime fiction lovers.

"Classic locked-room mysteries, tales of murder and mayhem in quaint villages or gritty adventures on mean city streets.

Crime fiction, which currently accounts for over a third of all fiction published in English, holds millions of people enthralled. Murder in the Library will take you on a fascinating journey through the development of crime and detective fiction, from its origins in the early 19th century through to contemporary Nordic Noir, taking in the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the first appearance of Miss Marple and the fiendish plots of Dr Fu Manchu along the way."

The event is free and is being held in the Folio Society Gallery in the British Library from 18 January to 12 May.

I think I'll take a look at it while I'm in London for the London Book Fair in April.


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