A weekend of research, working on outlines and characters

I spent much of the weekend researching for the new DI Andy Horton novel, number eleven in the series, as well as a new crime novel which will introduce a new hero.  Not to rival Andy Horton of course, or to replace him I hasten to add for all of you, who like me, adore him flaws and all.  But because I want to write another thriller (having written two a while ago now, In Cold Daylight and In For The Kill) and with this in mind thought  that perhaps this new thriller would be a three part series.

I've already written the first two chapters of the thriller and the first chapter of the new DI Andy Horton, just to kick start them. I've got the themes and some character outlines but there's more research to undertake yet and the outline plots to work on.

Which of the two will be written first?  DI Andy Horton number eleven or the new thriller?  I'm not sure but I'm certainly excited about both. And, no, I won't give away the area of research because that might spoil it.

A compelling thriller about what happens to one man when his identity is stolen.

An award winning thriller about one man's quest to discover the truth behind the deaths of fire fighters.


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