Pauline Rowson looks forward to CrimeFest 2013

I'll be taking part at CrimeFest 2013  this weekend where I'll be on a panel on Friday 31 May and will also be talking to the audience about The Perfect System for Writing a Crime Novel.

My panel appearance is entitled: Evening All: A Policeman Calls.  It takes place between 10:10 - 11:00am on Friday 31 May when I'll be appearing with fellow crime authors Ann Cleeves, Kate Ellis, J.C. Martin and Kerry Wilkinson.

I'll also be conducting an In The Spotlight session between 12.30 and 12.50 talking about The Perfect System for Writing a Crime Novel.

Crimefest is a crime fiction convention which follows the format of US conventions and includes interviews, panels, and a gala dinner and attracts audiences from all over the World. First organised in June 2008, CrimeFest draws top crime novelists, readers, editors, publishers and reviewers from around the world and gives delegates the opportunity to celebrate the genre in an informal atmosphere.

 It is being held at the Bristol Royal Marriott Hotel from 30 May to 2 June 2013. Photos to follows.


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