Photos from CSI Gateshead with crime authors Pauline Rowson, Matt Hilton and Mari Hannah

Nearly a hundred and twenty people attended the first ever CSI Gateshead event at Gateshead Library on Thursday 25 April. Inspired by the CSI Portsmouth event, which I help to organise. The CSI Gateshead event was a huge success.

Audience waiting for CSI Gateshead to begin

CSI Gateshead was modelled on the CSI Portsmouth event with some slight variation. The Gateshead event took place over two hours on an evening with one panel of crime fiction authors and crime experts whereas CSI Portsmouth is a full day event with two panels of crime authors and crime experts. Both events are proving to be extremely popular with crime fiction fans and those who enjoy CSI programmes on the television.

The CSI Gateshead Panel with Ian Gillard, Mo Dowdy, (crime experts) Susan Horton, moderator, and crime authors, Matt Hilton, Mari Hannah and Pauline Rowson

At CSI Gateshead the crime authors on the panel were Matt Hilton, (who also appeared at CSI Portsmouth 2012), Mari Hannah and Pauline Rowson. The crime experts were Mo Dowdy, former Detective Inspector with the Serious Incident Squad, Northumbria Police and Ian Gillard, former Crime Scene Officer with Northumbria Police. The moderator was Susan Horton (no relation to DI Andy Horton) from Gateshead Library service.

Mari Hannah answering a question

Matt Hilton answering a question

Pauline Rowson answering a question

Book signing and chatting to members of the audience

Pauline Rowson, Matt Hilton, Mari Hannah at CSI Gateshead, 25 April 2013

 The event was superbly organised by Helen Eddon of Gateshead Library.

 CSI Portsmouth takes place on Saturday 2 November 2013.


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