Inspiration on location - always on the look out for ideas and settings for crime novels

A fast flowing river, a castle, a secluded ancient church and the rolling English countryside - an ideal location for a crime novel? Possibly.

Yesterday I went on a long hike in the West Sussex countryside at Arundel, a bit off DI Horton's patch which is Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight but authors are never off duty and I am always on the look out (and listen out) for ideas for crime novels.

Crime author on location
I wondered if I could use the location in one of my DI Horton crime novels or perhaps in a new crime novel.  I could get one of the characters on a boat going up or down  the fast flowing tidal river.  Or I could have a body in it!

A fast flowing tidal river
Or perhaps the body had ended up in the secluded church and had been transported there by river.

An isolated country church

Maybe  DI Andy Horton ends up visiting Arundel Castle home to the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk and their children, the title having been conferred on Sir John Howard in 1483 by his friend King Richard III. Perhaps the Duke is a friend of Lord Richard Eames who features in the later DI Horton crime novels?

Arundel Castle

Plenty there to think about. There is always inspiration everywhere.


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