Interviews, books and events for crime fiction fans

If you're a crime fiction fan, which you might very well be because you've stopped by this blog, then  you might like to know about two websites where you can read more about some great crime novels and authors.

One is the Crime Readers Association, which is part of the Crime Writers' Association of which I am a member. The CRA website is full of interesting articles  from the world of crime writing and includes interviews, give aways and advice on writing for those who have a yearning to be a crime author.  You can also sign up for the free e newsletter.

The other website is my publisher's.  Severn House established in 1974, is a vibrant independent publishing house, which produces a very broad range of crime and mystery titles ( as well as other genres). It  is (as the website says) "home to an impressive list of respected British and American authors. Titles from Severn House are guaranteed to entertain, enlighten and occasionally mystify you, right to the last page."

Severn House publishes all sorts of crime novels from hard boiled to police procedural, historical crime and female sleuths. Something to please every crime fiction fan.  You can find there a list of my crime novels published  by Severn House.

Severn House also feature author interviews, events and the latest news and you can sign up for their free newsletter.

You can also sign up for my own free newsletter by visiting my website where you will find details of all my books, latest news, blog, and events.

Happy reading. 


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