DI Andy Horton novels on the New York Subway

As well as being on the London Underground, DI Andy Horton is now travelling around New York. Commuters and visitors travelling on the New York Subway are being entertained by the exploits of the rugged and flawed British detective  DI Andy Horton.

Tide of Death, the first in the DI Horton series, Deadly Waters, the second DI Horton crime novel and The Suffocating Sea, the third in the  DI Andy Horton series, are circling the New York Subway for commuters to while away their journey.

The DI Andy Horton series is set in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight against the back drop of the Solent on the South Coast of England.

Tide of Death was chosen by Amazon as the 'Best of Crime Fiction 2006.

Kirkus reviews says of Deadly Waters, the second in the series,  "Rowson adds an appealing hero to the British Police Procedural ranks." Kirkus Reviews (USA)

The Suffocating Sea was selected as the "Best of British Crime Fiction" by The Book Depository and hailed in the USA by reviewer, Booklist, as a 'gripping, suspense-filled murder case...an entertaining read in an engaging series...' Booklist (USA)

Joining the DI Horton novels on the subway is the stand alone thriller, In Cold Daylight, an award winning thriller about one man's quest to discover the truth behind the deaths of fire fighters, which was voted the third most popular novel in an online poll for World Book Day 2008

Once a reader has finished reading the book he or she leaves it on the underground for someone else to read.

I hope commuters, visitors and travellers on both the London Underground  and the New York Subway enjoy reading these three novels in the  DI Andy Horton series.

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