Author on location - inspiration and a good place for a body

I spent a lovely morning walking along the Chichester Canal in West Sussex last week. A perfect summer's day, good exercise, a chance to get away from the computer and to think.

Authors are always thinking about their novels whether that is plot, characters or simply looking for inspiration.  My DI Andy Horton novels are set in the area where I live, which is the Solent on the South Coast of England, so when it comes to research and looking for inspiration I haven't far to go.

Horton's patch is Portsmouth in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight five miles across the Solent, so normally he wouldn't be involved in a crime in the bordering county of West Sussex, but then an investigation could link the two counties and DI Andy Horton, who lives on board his boat in a marina in Portsmouth might be sailing in Chichester Harbour, or staying at Chichester Marina and a stroll along the canal could uncover all sorts of things... mmm now there's an idea.  

A body in the old lock at Chichester Canal, next to the yacht club?


DI Horton could sail into Chichester Marina for a weekend stay or on holiday


Or perhaps a body can be found under the bridge in the canal

All rather morbid thoughts, I know especially when the sun was shining so brightly but then perhaps crime authors are a morbid lot.  But one thing in our novels - well mine at least - the crime gets solved and justice is served in one way or another.

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