A great audience at Bridgend, and Porthcawl provides ideas and characters for crime novels

The second day of my mini book tour of South Wales on the 3 October 2013 on the publication in the UK of the tenth in the DI Andy Horton crime series, Death Surge, started with a coffee and a walk along the delightful seafront in Porthcawl (town by the sea) where I picked up some amusing and interesting ideas for characters and possible locations for a crime novel.

A new small marina is being built - mmm wonder if DI Andy Horton ought to sail in there - there is a rugged coastline, sand and surf - ideal locations for a body - an Elvis Presley Festival for thousands of wannabe Elvis Presleys and I met a man walking a ferret..

Pauline Rowson enjoying a coffee at Porthcawl before her talk

Bobby, the ferret, was an enchanting creature although I avoided getting too close in case he decided to take a snipe at me with his very sharp teeth.

Walking the ferret Bobby in Porthcawl

Porthcawl is also host to the Elvis Presley Festival (are you getting a flavour here) where thousands of wannabe Elvis' congregate. I liked Porthcawl, it had some great walks, friendly, chatty people (as they all seem to be in South Wales) and a touch of off-beat humour and eccentricity.  It even provided a dramatic thunderstorm and a torrential downpour to add to its air of mystery and there would be some great places to put a body in a crime novel.

After the heavens decided to open up and a spot of light lunch in Bakerboy cafe in the small centre of Porthcawl it was off to the Pyle Life Centre Library, Bridgend to give a talk.  I didn't think anyone would show up given the torrential rain but perhaps they're more used to that kind of weather in Wales than we are in the soft south because I was so very wrong. Almost forty people turned out to hear me talk about my crime novels and crime writing.

Pauline Rowson entertaining the audience at Pyle Life Centre, Bridgend

Bridgend Libraries did a fantastic job in advertising the event which appeared in the Welsh newspaper and my thanks to Helen Pridham and the library staff for organising and hosting it.

I met some lovely people who were very keen to learn about my crime novels, my rugged and flawed hero, DI Andy Horton, and the writing process.

I hope to return to Bridgend in the not too distant future to give more talks and of course to Porthcawl, not only for pleasure but also for research for a possible crime novel and of course another encounter with Bobby, the ferret. Maybe I should invest in an Elvis Presley outfit?

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