The perfect final public apperance of 2014 - the BBC Radio Solent Christmas Party with Julian Clegg

Friday 20 December was the Julian Clegg Christmas Party on BBC Radio Solent and it was the perfect end to an enjoyable and productive year. I was delighted to once again be one of Julian's guests. The show was recorded live in the BBC canteen in Southampton.  It was, as ever, great fun.

Pauline Rowson with Julian Clegg getting ready to go on Air

And I got to do the weather check - my first (and probably last - although I am open to offers) presenting the weather update for BBC Radio. Really enjoyed that. 

Pauline Rowson presenting the weather forecast outside BBC Radio Solent Studios

I met some amazing people who do some fantastice work in helping others and I also met some very talented muscians and singers, young and older!

The Christmas party at BBC Radio Solent was broadcast live between 6.30am and 10am on  96.1  103.8FM and DAB Digital Radio but you can listen to it on the BBC Website.

Pauline Rowson talking to Julian Clegg BBC Radio Solent

On Air  Pauline Rowson talking to Julian Clegg BBC Radio Solent



 Happy Christmas!


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