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Recommendation has always been a great way to spread the news. For books this comes not only through word of mouth but through reviews. 

There are several reviews for the DI Andy Horton crime novels and my two thrillers, In Cold Daylight and In For The Kill on Amazon, ranging from  4 and 5* reviews to those lower down the pecking order! on both Amazon UK and Amazon USA. Reviews seem to be important to readers when it comes to choosing which book to buy, and while there has been and still is a lot of debate about how genuine these reviews (and reviewers) are, while some are phoney others are not, but whichever way you look at it reviews help an author generate higher visibility.

Many readers have told me they have purchased my books on Amazon in Kindle format, paperback or hardback and have enjoyed reading them but have not left a review.  I encourage them to do so and would like to do the same here.

So if you have read any of my crime novels please do take some time to leave a review on Amazon even if it is a one line sentence. And for those of you who enjoy my crime novels and are already spreading the word my heartfelt thanks.

DI Andy Horton number 11 - Shroud of Evil - is now published in the UK and Commonwealth. It will be published in the USA in August 2014.

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Buy Pauline Rowson's books at your local bookshop


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