Locations of the DI Andy Horton series of crime novels

The DI Andy Horton series of police procedural crime novels are set in the Solent area on the South Coast of England, and more specifically, Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight  and surrounding areas of Hayling, Fareham and Gosport. Essentially they are set around the sea, my trademark if you like, and because I live in the area I'm often out looking for a good place to put a body - or rather perhaps I should say on location research.

These photographs were taken recently on a trip between Portsmouth and Gosport, which means a short ferry journey across the very busy and narrow entrance of Portsmouth Harbour, where my enigmatic detective, DI Andy Horton, often travels along with the marine police unit with Sergeant Elkins and Constable Ripley, in the pursuit of an investigation.

Gosport is particularly featured in DI Andy Horton number ten, Death Surge, when the investigation into Detective Sergeant Cantelli's missing nephew takes Horton to Haslar Marina, Gosport. The cover of Death Surge actually shows the view across the harbour to Gosport.

Arriving at the Gosport Ferry Terminal from Portsmouth, note the twin tower blocks here and in the cover above.


Here are some more photographs which give you a flavour of DI Andy Horton's patch. 


The Gosport Ferry leaving Portsmouth 

Leaving Portsmouth Harbour

Portsmouth from Gosport

I'm standing on the Gosport esplanade looking  across the narrow harbour entrance to Portsmouth

On location research for Death Surge, DI Andy Horton 10 at Haslar Marina

On location at Haslar Marina Gosport, featured in DI Andy Horton, Death Surge 10.

Watch the DI Andy Horton crime series trailer or read more on my website.  

Death Surge is currently available in hardcover and as an e book.  It will be released in paperback in March 2014.

All my crime novels are available to buy in bookstores, on line or for loan in UK and USA libraries.


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