Murder at the Pelican Club, a murder mystery play in the vein of Agatha Christie's Poirot

Just received some photographs taken from my play Murder at the Pelican Club, recently performed by Act One Drama in Kent, England.

Murder At The Pelican Club, is an exciting 1940s murder mystery in the vein of the classic crime thrillers of the 20th century, an Agatha Christie style detective drama that will have audiences guessing ‘who done it.’

It was a very enjoyable evening and a great performance. I look forward to the play being performed again by another theatre or drama group in the near future.  More details (and photographs) about Murder at the Pelican Club on my website. 

The band plays before the play begins - Murder at the Pelican Club - a murder mystery play set in 1940s England

Murder at the Pelican Club, set in the Blitz in 1940s England 

November 1940. Denmark and Norway have been invaded,the blitz has been raging in London since September.This is singer Tillie's last performance before leaving to entertain the troops, someone, though is intent on stopping her.

The cast of Murder at the Pelican Club

Murder at the Pelican Club is a departure for me as  writing crime novels are more my thing but I loved writing it and creating grumpy, middle-aged, gruff Inspector Doyle, the complete opposite to the rugged and flawed DI Andy Horton, and the action characters in my other crime novels. Another Inspector Doyle Murder Mystery Play is  certainly on the cards.

My thanks to the cast, crew and musicians for putting on a great performance.


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