A lively WI and a pleasure to talk to them about the process of writing a crime novel

I enjoyed meeting members of the Stoke and North Hayling WI on Monday 9 February and entertaining them with tales of my criminality - fiction that is.

Pauline Rowson entertaining the ladies at Stoke WI with how she writes her crime novels

I explained how I research plot and write my crime novels and took a lively Q & A which was followed by a book signing.  It was great to give a talk to an audience so close to where I live for a change.  And lovely to begin the meeting singing Jerusalem and ending it singing the National Anthem.

Pauline Rowson explaining how she writes her crime novels- Stoke WI

This year sees Stoke and North Hayling WI celebrating their 70th anniversary while the Women's Institute organisation celebrate their centenary. What an achievement!

A brief glimpse of the history of the WI movement

It all began on 16 September 2015 in Anglesey when a group of farmers wives got together to help educate rural men and women and to encourage countrywomen to get involved in growing and preserving food to help to increase the supply of food to the war-torn nation. Education and the sharing of skills have always been at the heart of the organisation, and this remains true today. Now the WI is the largest women's voluntary organisation in the UK with over 212,000 members in 6,600 WIs.

The WI campaigns
The WI campaigns on many issues - their ethos is about changing things for the better and tackling the issues that matter to members. And one that matters to me along with many readers in the UK the WI's research findings on community libraries   "Volunteers cannot continue being used as sticking plaster in the library service says WI"

Their research and campaigns cover so many things, "From equal pay to climate change, from gaps in the midwifery workforce to the plight of the honey bee, WI members have embraced a diverse set of challenges and built a reputation for the WI as a practical and ambitious organisation that doesn't shy away from tricky issues." Read more on their  history and campaigns on their website

Pauline Rowson showing her plot lines and character sketches to Stoke WI - Feb 2015

Delighted to see that the WI is still thriving and long may it  continue to do so.

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