Pauline Rowson on air with Julian Clegg BBC Radio Solent

An early start on Wednesday 25 March to head for the BBC South studios in Southampton for my interview on BBC Radio Solent with the lovely Julian Clegg on his very popular breakfast show.

Pauline Rowson with Art Marvik crime novel Silent Running at BBC Studios March 2015

It was great as always to talk to Julian and this time on air at 7.25 we talked about the publication of Silent Running, featuring a brand new hero, former marine commando, Special Boat Services Officer, Art Marvik.

Pauline Rowson and Julian Clegg on air BBC Radio Solent March 15

Pauline Rowson on air BBC Radio Solent Julian Clegg Show March 2015

We also discussed the flawed and rugged DI Andy Horton, the fact that the Horton series has been optioned for television by one of the UK's top television productions companies, Lime Pictures.  I also mentioned the next DI Andy Horton novel due to be published in September 2015 by Severn House, called Fatal Catch.

Julian also sprang a surprise on me because that morning BBC Radio Solent were conducting a personality test which revealed the person's happiness ratio regarding where they lived, and where they would be happiest living!  I had to do the quick test before going on air and then we jokingly discussed it. 

Pauline Rowson taking the personality test on BBC Radio Solent Julian Clegg show March 2015

It seemed I was 74% happy living where I am and that I would equally be as happy living in Chichester, something I didn't disagree with particularly as Chichester Harbour, the marina and outlying areas are all locations I've used in Silent Running.  But the most surprising thing my test revealed was that I'd be far happier living in the Shetland Islands - yes the complete opposite end of the UK from where I now live on Hayling Island. Maybe it is the attraction of living on an Island but I think being the chilly mortal I am the Shetland Islands might be a tad too cold for me.  So for now I'll stick to Hayling Island and the Isle of Wight both locations used in my DI Andy Horton crime novels.

Pauline Rowson and Julian Clegg with the new Art Marvik marine crime novel, Silent Running, published by Severn House.

Silent Running is published in hardcover in the UK. It will be published in the USA in July 2015 when it will also be released as an ebook and available on Kindle.

All my crime novels are also available for loan in UK, Commonwealth and USA librarie


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