Introducing a new blog from my publisher, Severn House with news features and exclusive author content

My publisher, Severn House, has introduced a new blog. It plans to be their home for news, features, exclusive author content and much more. I was delighted to be asked to be their very first guest blogger. Severn House say, "What with our shiny new site and a brand new marine crime series sailing towards a library near you, Pauline has been musing on new beginnings."

Maiden Voyage

Spring heralds new beginnings, so what better time to launch not only the new Severn House blog but also a new crime series introducing a brand new action hero, Art Marvik in Silent Running. I could say I was clever and planned it that way but that would be telling a lie, and while lies are not the sort of thing a nice girl should stoop to they are, however, the stuff of any crime novel. Someone, somewhere along the line always lies to prevent the truth from being exposed, hence being found out in committing or covering up a crime! But to get back to new beginnings.

What prompted me to create a new hero?  

Ah, well you'll have to read on....  Click here to read the full article. 

"A tense, terrifying thrill ride that twists and turns with dizzying speed." Booklist

About Severn House

Severn House is a vibrant independent publishing house, which produces a broad range of titles, from Crime & Mystery, Thrillers and Romance, to Sagas, General and Historical fiction.

Founded in 1974 as a publisher of hardback fiction, Severn House now produces titles in all formats, including eBooks and large print. Home to an impressive list of respected British and American authors, titles from Severn House are guaranteed to entertain, enlighten and occasionally mystify you, right to the last page.

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