What's your preferred method of killing somebody? Pauline Rowson answers a question from the audience at Ferndown Probus

I had a great time at the Dudsbury Golf Club, Hotel and Spa, Dorset on Wednesday entertaining the gentlemen of Ferndown Probus, not on how to play a round of Golf or on any beauty matters but with tales of criminality in respect of DI Andy Horton and Art Marvik.

Pauline Rowson entertaining the audience at Ferndown Probus talking about how she writes her crime novels

I was delighted to be invited to give a talk about how I write my crime novels.  They were a fab bunch and asked some interesting questions such as  'What's my preferred method of killing someone if I was a murderer ?'  and they even asked my husband 'What's the worse thing about being married to a crime writer?' which he very diplomatically answered, 'nothing'.  Maybe he had his fingers crossed!

Pauline Rowson talking about her crime novels to members of Ferndown Probus May 2015

So here are my answers:

What's my preferred method of killing someone if I was a murderer?

Well, thankfully I'm not but I use a number of different methods in my crime novels. If I had to choose though I'd probably go along with one of Agatha Christie's favourites - poisons.  There are so many to choose from. A gentleman of the audience pointed out that my husband had better take care when eating my meals to which my answer was, I don't cook, my husband does. Maybe I should take care!

'What's the worse thing about being married to a crime writer?'

After my husband's diplomatic answer I volunteered that probably the worse thing about being married to a crime writer, or any writer I suspect, is moodiness, elated when it's all going fine, downhearted when it's not.  I've learned though how to cope with getting stuck or bogged down with plot or characters, I simply pick up my knitting, brilliant for the brain, not to mention the fact that I also get a nice cardy at the end of it. It's either that or we go for a long invigorating walk along the coast to help clear the little grey cells and stimulate the imagination and, of course, there's always the chance that I'll find another place to put a body!

Pauline Rowson book signing Ferndown Probus May 2015

 Many thanks to Ferndown Probus.


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