Audience at Poole Library enjoy hearing about the secrets of successful crime writing from Pauline Rowson

On Wednesday 10 February I was delighted to entertain readers at Poole Central Library with a talk on how I plot, research and write my crime novels.

Poole Library Pauline Rowson talking to the audience about her crime novels

I was also able beforehand to take a walk along Poole Quay and see where one of my fictional heroes, former Royal Marine Commando, Art  Marvik  arrives in his motor cruiser on his new mission in Dangerous Cargo,  the second in the Art Marvik marine thriller series to be published in hardcover in the UK on 31 May 2016 and in the USA on 1 September.  The first in the Art Marvik series, Silent Running was published in 2015.

Poole Quayside

I talked to the audience at Poole Library about the DI Andy Horton crime novels of which there are now seven, the Art Marvik marine thrillers and my two stand alone crime novels, In Cold Daylight and In For The Kill.  

Poole Library Pauline Rowson with DI Andy Horton Fatal Catch

 I explained where I draw my inspiration from, usually locations on the South Coast of England,  how I developed ideas into plots and how I conduct my research.  The audience were great and hope they enjoyed my talk as much as I enjoyed giving it.

Poole Library, Pauline Rowson explaining how she writes her crime novels

 My thanks to all who came and to Poole Library for organizing it.

The first in the Art Marvik marine thriller series


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