How I write - Pauline Rowson talking about writing a crime novel - plot outlines

I’m always eager to begin writing a new novel so I don't wait until I have a complete outline before doing so. I don't even wait until I have conducted all my research and I certainly have no idea at the beginning who the killer is and why. 

I usually work up an outline of the first four chapters and some character profiles. I conduct some research and then start writing.

I thoroughly enjoy the buzz generated by the flow of the creative juices but often wish I could wave a magic wand and that first draft could be dumped directly from my brain without all the effort of having to key it into the computer.

I try to write the first draft as quickly as possible, with minimal editing because that slows down the process. While writing the first draft I'll also be conducting more research. 

Then follows a sense of relief once that first draft is written, usually after two or three months and I can begin to flesh it out, check the structure, the clues, red herrings, motivations and personalities of the characters. This may take several revisions and often further research until finally I check that everything hangs together, all the unanswered questions have been answered and that the words and phrases used are the correct ones.

Read more about how I write, and writing a crime novel on my websiteg.  You can also watch some videos on the writing process on my website and on my You Tube Channel.

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