The second in the Art Marvik series, DANGEROUS CARGO, by Pauline Rowson to be published in the USA

Dangerous Cargo, the second in the Art Marvik marine crime series is to be published by Severn House in hardcover in America on 1 September 2016.

The first Silent Running was published in the UK and the USA in 2015 and has been hailed as a 'A tense, terrifying thrill ride that twists and turns with dizzying speed.'

In Dangerous Cargo, Marvik, has a new and deadly mission to accomplish for the National Intelligence Marine Squad (NIMS) to catch a ruthless killer whose murders span over half a century.

Kirkus reviews says, "Marvik's second outing is even more muscular than his debut, (Silent Running 2015) as Rowson edges her detective puzzles ever closer to thriller territory."

"Dangerous Cargo is the sort of book where you can’t look away for a second, or you’ll be sunk, so to speak. Pauline Rowson is the queen of misdirection in this outing for former marine Art Marvik." Crime Review

Edwin Buckhalter, Chairman of Severn House, says, ‘Dangerous Cargo, like the first in the series, Silent Running, has all the hallmarks of a good Rowson novel, the setting and atmosphere, the sea, interesting and diverse characters and an intricate, complex plot. An action-packed, fast-paced crime novel that will certainly excite her growing fan base and bring in new readers.’

I am also the author of the crime series featuring the flawed and rugged Portsmouth based detective DI Andy Horton published by Severn House.

 Fatal Catch, the twelfth in the Horton crime series, was published in 2015 and the thirteenth in the Horton series will be published in February 2017.  The DI Andy Horton crime novels have been optioned by top UK production company, Lime Pictures, part of All3Media, who are seeking to bring the enigmatic sailing detective to the TV screens.  All my crime novels  aree set against the backdrop of the sea.


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