Soundings to publish DI Andy Horton no. 10 Death Surge as unabridged audio book

Death Surge the tenth in the police procedural crime series featuring the flawed and rugged detective, Inspector Andy Horton, is to be released by Soundings as an unabridged audio book on 1 September 2017, narrated by Gordon Griffin MBE.

Soundings, part of Isis Publishing, is the World’s leading publisher of unabridged audio books. They have published eight in the DI Andy Horton series of thirteen crime novels as unabridged audio books and the first in the Art Marvik thriller series, Silent Running.

The Inspector Andy Horton crime novels and those featuring Art Marvik, a former Royal Marine Commando now an undercover investigator for the UK's National Intelligence Marine Squad (NIMS) are already available in paperback, hardback and as e books on Amazon Kindle and on Kobo.

In Death Surge, a telephone call from a frantic Sergeant Cantelli to say that his nephew is missing cuts short DI Andy Horton’s sailing trip to France. What began as the hunt for a missing man becomes the search for a ruthless killer. 

Booklist USA say of Death Surge, 'A crisply written, cleverly plotted procedural with a nice twist.'

The Inspector Andy Horton unabridged audio books

Soundings have published eight unabridged audio books in the DI Andy Horton series. They are:
Deadly  Waters
The Suffocating Sea
Dead Man’s Wharf 
Blood on the Sand 
Footsteps  on the Shore
 A Killing Coast 
Death Lies Beneath 

They are narrated by Gordon Griffin and available in CD and MP3 CD format.

The Art Marvik unabridged audio books


Silent Running the first in the Art Marvik marine crime series

Adrift after leaving the marines, Marvik finds himself being used as bait to catch a ruthless killer whose slaying spree spans the decades. It's a mission that will put all his skills and training to the test- a dangerous assignment that could cost him his life.

"A tense, terrifying thrill ride that twists and turns with dizzying speed, combined with a likable, smart, tough, but all too human hero, make this a cracking-good new series, action fans need Marvik on their radar." Booklist (USA)

Pauline Rowson's crime novels are available in paperback and as ebooks on Amazon Kindle and Kobo. They can also be loaned from UK and USA libraries.

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