Fascinating fingerprints facts

I pick up some fascinating forensic facts during my research for my crime novels. Here are some on fingerprinting.  

Although the British police have a computer system for fingerprints called IDENT1, fingerprints are still physically examined by humans, through an eye glass and careful study.  The trained examiners know exactly what to look for and how skin reacts, ages and can be scarred. They can spot a scar and other smaller details that IDENT1 can't.

Fingerprints, palm prints and toe prints don't lie. They are unique and even identical twins will have different fingerprints.

 Fingerprints on objects can survive for a very long time and can be lifted from paint, oil, grease and from those left in blood.

So there you have it!

It's a fascinating topic  My thanks to the Hampshire Police Fingerprint Bureau.

Pauline Rowson with Jane Aston from Hampshire Police Fingerprint Bureau

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