It's February and Art Marvik's assignment in SILENT RUNNING, takes him into treacherous territory - The Page 69 Test

Set in  February Art Marvik's first assignment working undercover for the UK's National Intelligence Marine Squad in SILENT RUNNING takes him into treacherous territory.  Read the Page 69 extract

Does Silent Running pass The Page 69 Test? 

Chapter Eight

She was striding towards him, a large black rucksack over her shoulder. He could see the van she’d mentioned parked in the corner of the small car park at the far end of the road. It was the same van that had followed him on to the motorway. Silently, with the engine running, first gear engaged, Marvik urged her to hurry.
She climbed in. ‘Now perhaps you can tell me what the hell—’
‘Not now,’ he said sharply, pulling quickly away. He sensed her shock but didn’t have time to look at her or acknowledge it. His eyes darted to his rear-view mirror as he rapidly and expertly navigated the residential streets. The van wasn’t behind them but a car was, dark coloured, but not the same one that had followed him earlier. It kept a short distance behind. Perhaps it was just coincidence. And perhaps it was coincidence that it followed him on to the main road and in the direction of the waterside village of Warsash, but he wasn’t taking any chances.
He scoured the road ahead looking for a suitable turning and, spotting a gap in the housing on his left, without decreasing his speed, he wrenched the wheel to his left and veered into the lane with a squeal of rubber on the wet road. The wheels spun into a skid; he steered into it. Helen cried out but he had no time to explain. He was speeding down the narrow lane, his eyes darting between the mirror and the road ahead. There was no sign of the vehicle following him. The car bucked as it hit the potholed road. Then he spotted a track ahead on his right. He spun the wheel round. The car slewed into the track in a flurry of gravel and tyre screeching. The trees and shrubs either side of them closed in. Marvik slammed his foot on the brake. Helen shot forward with a cry of alarm and fear, saved by the seat belt from crashing into the window. He rammed the gears into reverse and sped the car back between the trees where it came to rest. He silenced the engine.
‘What the hell—?’
‘Quiet,’ he shouted. Not that anyone could hear them. Or rather he didn’t think they could but he couldn’t be certain.

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