What's on in May for crime author Pauline Rowson

I'm delighted that in May I am to meet up with some keen mystery readers from the USA.  I have been invited to talk to them about my crime novels set on the south coast of England while they are on a tour of Southern England ending up with them attending the annual crime fiction festival at Bristol CrimeFest. I don't know which parts of America they are from but I will certainly find out when I meet them on 9 May. I'm really looking forward to it.  I will be posting a write up and photographs here.

Part of their tour takes in the waterfront city of Portsmouth, Inspector Andy Horton's patch, and I know they are visiting the Historic Dockyard where they will see the exact location of where the body of Dr Douglas Spalding is discovered, a naval historian, in number one dock, the resting place of the M33 Monitor a very old ship from 1917, and featured in UNDERCURRENT.

 They'll also be walking in Andy Horton's footsteps along The Hard where another body is found in A KILLING COAST. And crossing on the Wightlink ferry to Fishbourne on the Isle of Wight as DI Andy Horton frequently does in particular in a SHROUD OF EVIL partly set in Fishbourne. I'll tell them to keep an eye open for Andy, oh and any corpses, although I hope they don't come across any of the latter.

Other than that it is a fairly quiet month although I will be doing some research on the Isle of Wight for possibly a new Inspector Andy Horton or another standalone crime novel or thriller. I haven't quite decided yet but no doubt the information will come in useful for both or either!

I also hope that towards the end of May I will have some exciting news on when the next Inspector Andy Horton crime novel, number fourteen in the series, is to be published and the new Art Marvik mystery, number four in the series.  Hopefully not too long to wait for either.

There will also be some new videos posted here and on my You Tube Channel and who knows what else May will bring.

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