Wednesday, 22 July 2020

DEAD PASSAGE - DI Andy Horton - A detective novel in the tradition of Rankin and Harvey

DEAD PASSAGE (14) in the series of currently 15 (2020) features my rugged and flawed Portsmouth detective, Inspector Andy Horton.

A mysterious telephone call sends Horton on a complex and twisted investigation into the death of a local politician twelve years ago and uncovers a trail of lies, secrets and revenge with roots deep in the past.  

 "A detective novel in the tradition of Rankin and Harvey." Mystery People Magazine  

Here are some pictures of one of the locations used in DEAD PASSAGE with an extract from the novel.


This is Lumps Fort in Southsea  which is now a beautiful roe garden just off the seafront, but it doesn’t look much like this in DEAD PASSAGE which is set in March.

Southsea Rose Gardens - Lumps Fort featured in crime novel DEAD PASSAGE

Read the extract

Horton had left the Harley in the adjacent car park and walked the short distance to Lumps Fort which had become the rose gardens years ago. It was just off the seafront with only the ruined fortified walls and a few mounts for guns to show it had once formed part of the city’s defences built in the mid to late 1800s. In summer the gardens were a riot of colours and scent. Now the bare rose twigs sprouted tentatively above the well-cultivated brown earth. It was just after one o’clock but the gardens were deserted thanks to the almost gale-force gusting wind roaring off the sea and the fitful rain showers that accompanied it. Harnley was huddled in the far left-hand corner under the covered shelter that ran along part of the walls. Horton took a seat beside the fidgety fretful man whose eyes were constantly moving. Harnley, like Pilbeam, looked drawn and ill.

So why does Harnley look ill, what is troubling him and Pilbeam? Who are they? What connects them if anything?

 DEAD PASSAGE, number 14 in the DI Andy Horton series, will reveal all.

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