Sunday, 10 January 2021

A blast from the past at Monks Brook U3A

 On this day 8 January 2014 I was at Monks Brook U3A talking to the audience about my DI Andy Horton crime novels, how I draw my inspiration from the area in which the novels are set (the Solent area on the South Coast of England) and my method for developing plot lines and creating characters.

Pauline Rowson entertains audience at Monks Brook U3A 
 Events like these stopped in March 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the banning of all social gatherings. It is so sad. I know many people are missing them and I am missing entertaining the lovely audiences. There are no talks for me booked this year, 2021, at the present although I have been asked if I might be available to speak later in 2021 and I would be delighted to. Can't wait in fact. I am sincerely hoping that we can soon resume these events. In the meantime I will be looking back at some I have conducted over the years.

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