Friday, 1 October 2021

Inspector Ryga interviews the hall porter in 1950s set mystery DEATH IN THE COVE

Scotland Yard's Inspector Ryga's experience at sea in the Merchant Navy, and as a prisoner-of-war, has made him unique in his approach to solving coastal based crimes.  He's observant, analytical and reflective.  He's witnessed compassion, cruelty, cowardice and heroism, mental breakdown and despair. He’s made a promise to himself that whatever happens after the war he’ll keep an open mind and never judge. Ryga  teams up with former war photographer, Eva Paisley, in DEATH IN THE COVE (1) set on the Island of Portland, Dorset; DEATH IN THE HARBOUR (2) set in Newhaven Port, East Sussex, and DEATH IN THE NETS (3) set in the fishing port of Brixham, Devon in these atmospheric 1950s set mysteries.

Available in paperback, ebook, Amazon Kindle and as an audio book. 


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