FAQ-Why do you always write from the male point of view?

When an author first starts writing much of it is trial and error until he/she finds what suits them best.  And so it was with me.  My early unpublished attempts were at writing historical sagas, switching the story between a female lead character and a male lead character.  When these failed to find a publisher and when I suddenly woke up to the fact that all my sagas contained a crime element I abandoned sagas and wrote a suspense novel primarily with a female lead.  This got me an agent  (so I was at last on the right track) but failed to find me a publisher. The agent very quickly dropped me.  So back to the drawing board.

I realized that I enjoyed writing more from the male character's view point than I did the female.  I'm not sure why. Many people have asked me and the answer is I don’t really know, maybe it’s because I like male heroes. I don't think it matters, it just happens to be my style! That being said there are, of course, some very strong females in my novels.

As I continued I found myself far more attracted to telling the story from the male character's point of view.  

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