The story behind Art Marvik in the mystery thriller series

Silent Running Art Marvik mystery thriller 1.rt I like heroes and as I’m a sucker for adventure stories and mystery there was no doubt that this was what the Marvik series had to be. 

I wanted a lead character who was not bound by the official rules of the law, as is my DI Andy Horton in the Solent Murder Mystery series - although Andy is a renegade detective and often goes out on a limb to solve a case. And neither did I want a thoughtful, sensitive character like my 1950s Inspector Ryga.

I wanted an action-man, fit, but flawed, and the Marvik mystery thrillers had to have the hallmark of my brand – a troubled hero, the sea, boats, interesting and diverse characters and lots of action. So already the stage was set, enter Art  Marvik.

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