A Radio Star!

I'm on the radio today, or rather I'm recording a programme that will be broadcast on Tuesday 27 May at 7pm on Express FM. I've been told I have an hour to talk about writing, and my novels, and to read extracts from my marine mysteries crime and thriller novels. I can even play music if I wish! This all sounds intriguing. Am I alone in the studio? Do I structure my own programme? Will anyone listen to me? I've decided to base my programme around a series of questions that I often get asked by readers and which forms the basis of my talks. These are:

Why do I write crime?
Where do my ideas come from?
What comes first - plot or characters?
How do I develop characters?
Whose story is it?
How do I write?
How long does it take me to write a book?

And the answers? Well, you'll have to listen to Express FM! But in case you can't pick up the radio station in your area, I'll divulge the answers in due course. Must dash, have to wash my hair to make sure I look nice on the radio.


Anonymous said…
If you go to www.expressfm.com you can listen over the internet. I've just tried it and I'll put it in my diary to listen next week. Gail (from the Sinah Warren Course)
Pauline Rowson said…
Hi Gail, Sorry, I got the wrong date. It's 27 May. Thanks for the link. I'll put it on the blog.
Miranda Giles said…
Hi Pauline,
I have finally managed to log onto your site, everything has taken a back seat since my blog began! Thank you for the link, I have also put your link on mine.
Hope the radio show went well.
Best wishes

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