I was on - honest!

To anyone who tuned into BBC Radio Solent this morning at 7.40am expecting to hear me after reading my blog/facebook/twitter notes, apologies I wasn't there - as you gathered. Instead, I was on much later around 8.30am, because of a breaking news story about the sorry state of the National Health Service in Portsmouth.

However, I did get the chance to go on air and chat to Julian Clegg whose skills at handling such a lively early morning chat show with phone-ins, news, and guest interviews I greatly admire. He's also very friendly and great at putting his guests at ease. In addition, he was kind enough to allow Bob to take some photos and to give me autographs for my sister and niece who are great fans of his programme.

I'm looking forward to talking to Julian again on air and being part of BBC Radio Solent's 100 Lives Programmes.


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