Crime Novel Published in Poland

In Cold Daylight was published in Poland today. Renamed Fire And Water ( Ogien i Woda) this is the second of my marine mystery crime novels to be published in Polish. It is always very exciting to see your work translated into another language and I was also thrilled to receive an e mail from Polish journalist, Anna Kutrzuba, who interviewed me for an article on the book's release. She's written a lovely piece and the article is laid out extremely well with photographs. You can click here to see it and read the Polish version of the interview.

Ogien i Woda is published by Red Horse, Poland. Red Horse has already published In For the Kill (Uwiklany) and will be publishing Tide of Death in January.

Click here to read the English version of my interview with Anna. Here's a brief preview below.

"Pauline, you are a professional writer but at the beginning of your career you have been writing business and motivational books. Today you are highly acclaimed crime novels’ writer. I must say that is amazing and uncommon way of literary career evolution. How have you started writing crime novels?

P.R. From a very young age I always wanted to be a fiction writer, and I wrote my first adventure novel when I was eleven years old. Then work and a career in marketing got in the way of further writing until I returned to it twenty years ago. In between fiction writing I was running my own marketing and training company and began writing business and motivational books, because I spotted a gap in the market for very simple and practical ‘how to’ books. But my first love was and always has been fiction. I persevered for many years learning my craft and developing my style, receiving many rejections along the way, until I won a prize in a writing competition for the first draft of my Detective DI Horton novel and I knew that I was at last on the right track. I sold my business in 2003 to concentrate on writing fiction, and in 2006 my first crime novels were published. Since then my crime and thrillers have gone from strength to strength and I have written six crime novels, five are published and the sixth will be published in late 2009.

You have created a new type of detective story – the marine mystery crime novel. Where did you get that idea from? Was the criminal genre too narrow for your ideas?

P.R.The idea for calling them marine mystery crime novels came because my novels are all set against the backdrop of the sea. They are very atmospheric and I wanted them to stand out from other crime novels in a crowded market. It describes the setting and gives readers a flavour of the type of book they are about to read. "


Logan Lamech said…
This is shaping up to be a great series.

Logan Lamech
Pauline Rowson said…
Many thanks for the comment.I hope people enjoy reading the series as much as I enjoy writing it. The DI Horton novel I'm working on at the moment is coming along nicely. Best wishes,Pauline.

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