A stange thing has happened on Amazon

Yes, Amazon has lost all the customer reviews for my marine mystery crime novels: Tide of Death, Deadly Waters, (mass market paperback version), In Cold Daylight and In For The Kill. They have simply vanished from the Amazon web site while others stubbornly stick for some of my other books. Have I done something to upset Amazon I wonder?

The customer service people at Amazon tell me: ‘We are currently experiencing some technical issues which are affecting customer reviews and ratings, some disappearing from the site. We can confirm that we are aware of this and our technical team is investigating the issue. As soon as the issue is resolved, your reviews will re appear on the website as they were before they disappeared.’

Now I don’t mind losing the bad reviews (and every writer gets them) but they’re not the ones that have vanished. I particularly wanted to lose the review that says Deadly Waters is utter tripe! But sod’s law means that one is sticking along with the other reviewer who particularly objects to the word ‘autopsy’ because it is American. Ah well. You can’t win them all and one man’s meat is another man’s poison – but then I’ve probably got that wrong too!

I wonder if the glitch has been caused because my books have been swamped with reviews (good and bad) and Amazon can’t handle them! No, I don’t think so either. Hope the reviews come back soon especially the ones from those people who have loved my crime novels, and, yes, there are some. If you’ve posted a review and it’s not showing yet then I apologise on behalf of Amazon. Let’s hope the technical glitch gets sorted soon, and the IT guys and girls can unearth the reviews and ratings, dust them off and put them back on the amazon.co.uk site, good and bad for all to see.

Meanwhile you can read some reviews on my official web site at http://www.rowmark.co.uk/


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