Dead Man's Wharf soon to be in paperback

The trade paperback version of Dead Man's Wharf is being published by Severn House (that's the larger sized paperback) on 28 February 2010, which happens to be my birthday! 

Dead Man's Wharf  is the fourth Inspector Horton Marine Mystery Crime Novel.

Horton and Cantelli are called to a nursing home where a resident claims she’s been attacked by an intruder. Ready to dismiss it as senile ramblings, Horton then discovers that her room-mate has died, the dead woman’s belongings are missing and her son, convicted for armed robbery, has been found dead in his cell. Soon Horton is caught up in a complex investigation that has far-reaching international implications.

It received an excellent review in the USA and hardcover copies have sold out in the UK, with only a handful still available from on line book retailers and imported from the States. Even I can't get any copies from my publisher so unfortunately I can't sell any signed copies.  But there will be plenty of paperbacks and signed copies will be available to purchase through my official web site at

You can also get signed copies of my other novels via my web site - ideal for Christmas presents!

Below are some technical details on Dead Man's Wharf

ISBN: 9781847511324
Category: Crime & Mystery
Dimensions: 141W 222H mm
Price: £10.99
Edition: Trade Paperback


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